21 Easy Ways to Make My Birthday Great!

Mexican Gelatina Cakes
Mexican Gelatina Cakes

Today’s my birthday. My family asked me what I wanted and for the first time in a long-time–maybe the first time ever–I thought about it.

Asking for what I want is, at its surface, a simple thing. But it is an act that can paralyze me for days.

Maybe you are like me and never tell people what you want. Maybe you don’t know. Or maybe you’re not sure that’s really what you want. Maybe you’re scared that it will come to fruition.

I don’t know and I know that I don’t want to sit still any more.

So this is how YOU can help ME celebrate my birthday.

  1. Get me one of these amazing Mexicana gelataria cakes.
  2. Write me a letter. On paper. Send it via USPS.
  3. Let me interview you about something special.
  4. Let me take your portrait.
  5. Teach me how to fish. Not metaphorically. Literally. I want to learn how to fish.
  6. Share a story with me.
  7. Teach me something that you are really good at.
  8. Invite me to a party (tbd-when we will be generally COVID-safe)
  9. Let me send you one of my photographs.
  10. Let me connect you with another one of my friends.
  11. Cook with me.
  12. Go camping.
  13. Go biking.
  14. Go kayaking.
  15. Open water swim together.
  16. I want to learn a new tool a month.
  17. I want to write something meaningful once a month.
  18. Help me perfect my pizza dough by eating pizza with me.
  19. Be kind.
  20. Write me a song.
  21. Be a good citizen of the world.

I’m so ready for this year to begin.

Seriously, where in the Bay Area can I get me one of these Mexican geletaria cakes?

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  1. Awe, happy birthday!! One of my favorite things to do, is to cook with you and for you! I always learn something new when we cook together. Let’s hope we can do it again soon! Hugs, birthday boy! (Hmmm . . . maybe birthday man is more appropriate, but that sounds funny. Haha )

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