Happy 25th.

When it’s dark baby

There’s a light I’ll shine

And if you’re lost I’m right behind

‘Cause we walk the same line

 – We Walk The Same Line

In 1994, the duo Everything But The Girl released the album – Amplified Heart

It is my most favorite album ever. 

And on the album, the song that means the most is We Walk the Same Line.

It is a song about togetherness and light that feels so personal like it was written for us.

If you lose your faith, babe

You can have mine

And if you’re lost I’m right behind

‘Cause we walk the same line

Today, we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

And over this quarter century, there has never been anyone that I’d rather travel the road with.

We’re celebrating it at the opposite ends of the earth – Vonnie in Minneapolis and me on a plane to Hong Kong.

And if these troubles

Should vanish like rain on midday

Well I’ve no doubt there’ll be more

And we can’t run and we can’t cheat

‘Cause baby when we meet

What we’re afraid of

We find out what we’re made of

And here’s my promise to you – 

If you ever feel joy, I will feel your joy.

If you ever feel scared, I will hold your worry.

If you ever have a joke to tell, I will be there to laugh.

If you ever need caffeine, I will make a cup of coffee for each of us. 

If you ever need a hug, I will be there with open arms.

If you ever lose your faith, you can have mine. 

If you ever feel lost, I’m right behind.

And I know, you would do the same for me.

And if you’re lost I’m right behind

‘Cause we walk the same line

Here’s to loving each other and staying true.

That’s what we do – we walk the same line.

Happy Anniversary babe. 

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