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My daughter said, “This week’s Ted Lasso was weird.”

Back in high school, my best friend, Vincent Guzman, and I would nerd out on movies.

One movie that stood out was Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, a dark comedy set in night-time New York. It is an out of the frying pan into the fire story where one shitty thing after another befalls corporate hack Paul Hackett (marvelously played by Griffin Dunne), in a series of misadventures. It is hilarious in a “How can his night get more absurd?” type of way.

From Esquire

After Hours was a highly entertaining movie that I saw in the theater and I rented once or twice from the video store. Remember those things?

In the end, there is a happy ending, or at least a not a horrible ending. Dawn arrives and no one is the wiser for the life threatening, awakening escapade Hackett experienced in the underbelly of Gotham.

I liked it because no one else knew about the movie and I could be “cool” thinking that it was cool because no one else thought it was cool. It was by Martin “Raging Bull” Scorsese, but it wasn’t just a gangster movie. I think that Scorsese likes to make a comedy just to prove that his worldview isn’t solely about New York or the mob.

I haven’t thought about After Hours in years until my daughter forewarned us about the episode.

At least not until watching this week’s Ted Lasso episode.

It’s cool that she doesn’t think it’s cool. I loved it.

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